Documentation for Tools Market - Multi-purpose Prestashop Theme

Hello, Thanks for your purchase our theme, This document covers the installation and use of this module and reveals answers to common problems and issues - I encourage you to read this document thoroughly if you are experiencing any difficulties.

Quickstart Installation

1.1 System Requirements

Please make sure your hosting server meets the PrestaShop requirements:

Note: If you can not import the theme/module file to your server due to the maximum upload and PHP memory limit, you need to increase the parameter “memory_limit=200M”; “max_execution_time=300″; “max_execution_time=1000″ & “upload_max_filesize=20M” in the file php.ini.

1.2 Quickstart Installation

You can find the folder name of "quickstart_installer" for quick installation, If you follow these steps you will get the shop like our demo shop.

1. Copy "quickstart_installer" folder and paste it on your server then rename it to your shop name.

2. Access your database panel and create database name.

3. Open your browser and find the hosting folder path which you have pasted before on server.

Please note: The installation language option will not affect your store language. By default PrestaShop is offered in English.

4. you can proceed with the next steps by accepting "License Agreements".

5. Fill the form with your own info.

6. Call your shop database and Click the "Test your database connection" then proceed.

7. After that, you should click the “Next” button to move further.

8. Your shop is installed successfully with our demo data.

Theme Installation

You must install default prestashop before. Use this link for your default prestashop installation

To install our theme automatically do the following steps:

Unzip the downloaded package of "", now you can install the theme "" file from "install_theme1.7.x.x" folder

1. Login your admin prestashop

2. Please go to Improve > Design > Themes & Logo

3. Click "Add New Theme" button.

4. Navigate to “Import from your computer” >> choose the zip theme file as named “” >> Save.

5. Activate your theme by clicking "Use this theme" button.


• If you get the message file is too large

• you must upload theme file in the "/themes" folder in FTP.

1. Navigate to “Import from FTP” >> choose the zip theme file as named “” >> Save.

2. Activate your theme by clicking "Use this theme" button.

Module Positions

If you need to check the module hooks of the theme, please check this image

Module Configuration

You can find our modules and configure from here